We are a non-profit-making kindergarten operated by the Diamond Hill Baptist Church. Established in Ping Shek Estate in Kowloon in 1970, we have been serving children in the district for at least 52 years. With the whole language approach as the curriculum framework, we trigger children’s interest in language learning through everyday activities and allow them to learn through play. We also develop in them an inquiring mind with science activities and engage them in social interaction to develop their interpersonal communications skills. We strive to create a learning environment filled with joy and love, where children can attain a balanced development in the domains of physique, mental health, social skills and spirituality, and introduce children to God from a young age and nurture them to become future leaders that contribute to the society.


Upholding the loving spirit of Jesus Christ, we are committed to helping children attain a balanced development in the domains of spirituality, ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, arts and creativity, and leading them to live a positive, happy life. We also teach them with love, providing them with a happy learning environment for acquiring knowledge, abilities, attitudes and emotional skills.


Children go to school in joy and unleash their potential

Teachers educate with love and care for individual differences

Parents put their trust in us to nurture their children

Togeher, we believe in God and care for others

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