Designed according to the Kindergarten Curriculum Guide (2017), our curriculum places children at the core and focuses on cultivating children’s biliterate and trilingual abilities and promoting their moral development.

It provides children with a rich language-learning environment, complemented by diversified everyday life activities, interactive games and interesting stories, to develop children’s language skills. We also cultivate good values in children through sharing moral stories, morning assemblies, children’s worship services, hymns and bible stories, enabling children to learn social skills and develop a positive, grateful mind through everyday lives. The curriculum incorporates a wide range of activities through which children will acquire knowledge, develop curiosity, gain the motivation to learn, and develop confidence, independent thinking skills and problem-solving skills. We provide preschool children with whole-person quality education that enables them to attain a balanced development in knowledge, abilities and attitudes, and helps them develop positive values and achieve whole-person development.

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