Summer Holiday and Back to school

This academic year’s summer holiday will start from 3rd August, 2022(Wednesday) to 31st August, 2022(Tuesday). K1 classes will start their adaptation activities on 1st September, 2022(Thursday). Official Classes will start on 5th September, 2022(Monday). K2, K3 classes have to back to school on 5th September, 2022(Monday), and all the students will be dismissed at 12:00 noon on that day, please pay attention!

English Fun Day and Putonghua Fun Day

To enable children to review happily what they have learned this year before the end of the semester, our kindergarten will hold an English Fun Day and a Putonghua Fun Day. English Fun Day will be on 1st August, 2022(Monday). Putonghua Fun Day will be on 2nd August, 2022(Tuesday).

About Parents’ Day

(1) The 2nd Semester Parents’ Day will be on 30th July, 2022(Saturday). Parents will be interviewed with teachers to talk about your child’s study and personal development in the kindergarten. The appointment note will be distributed to parents on 21st July, 2022(next Thursday), please pay attention! Parents’ Education Talk–‘Oral Health 2021-2022’ Date: 30th July, 2022(Saturday) Time: 10:30a.m.bto 11:45a.m. Place: Music Room Contents: Common problems and effects of children’ oral health Suggestions/ Care Instructions for parents (caregivers) Remark: If you are interested in attending the talk, please submit the e- reply slip on/ before 18th July, 2022 (Monday). The kindergarten will

The Latest Arrangements of Class Resumption

The Education Bureau has announced the arrangements for the resumption of classroom teaching. Face-to-face teaching in kindergartens will be brought back in phases beginning as soon as the 3rd May, 2022. Kindergartens will resume face-to-face teaching in three stages as early as 5.3 Since the students are young and need more time to adapt to campus life after the long vacation, classes will be resumed in three stages. One-third of the students will return to face-to-face teaching on May 3 at the earliest, and the remaining two-thirds will be separated by one week from May 10. Face-to-face teaching will be

Arragements of Suspension

Suspension will start in kindergartens and primary schools on 14th January, 2022 Friday, but secondary schools will not be affected, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said. Due to the announcement, our kindergarten would suspend face to face classes since 14th January, 2022 and the online classes were started on 17th January, 2022. The online classes arrangement notice had sent to parents by WhatsApp. our kindergarten is still open during the suspension period. For any enquiries, please call 23238731.

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