The Latest Arrangements of Class Resumption

The Education Bureau has announced the arrangements for the resumption of classroom teaching. Face-to-face teaching in kindergartens will be brought back in phases beginning as soon as the 3rd May, 2022. Kindergartens will resume face-to-face teaching in three stages as early as 5.3 Since the students are young and need more time to adapt to campus life after the long vacation, classes will be resumed in three stages. One-third of the students will return to face-to-face teaching on May 3 at the earliest, and the remaining two-thirds will be separated by one week from May 10. Face-to-face teaching will be resumed one after another, and half-day face-to-face classes will be resumed for the whole school on May 16 at the latest. For more detail please the school notices Ref.21/024, thank you.

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